Performance Review

This unique 21t (640) craft exceeds all expectations. The craft is capable of turning within its own length, making it perfect for surf launches. The full composite material used provides exceptional strength while keeping the desired weight at approximately +/- 750kg. This combination of agility and robust construction ensures unparalleled performance and reliability in demanding conditions.

Installed Features

Basic boats includes rod racks, bow eyes, transom eyebolts, keel strips, seven fibreglass drawers, anchor hatch, built-in seat bases, seat hatch and below deck/fuel hatches.

  • Full composite GRP – ZERO TIMBER!
  • Available in front console, walk-through or walk around console
  • Choice of hatches below deck
  • Fuel hatches below available in 3-4 can options on both starboard and port side
  • Fish hatch below deck has post-box lid for easy fish filling
  • Roll bars can be fitted at back of transom or gunnel of motor-well/live-well
  • Seats are built with high density foam to exclude water retention (can be upholstered)
  • Flotation from Resichem PU closed cell foam
  • Buoyancy with below deck hatches is above 150 %
  • All plumbing is bonded, fibreglass bandaged and pressure tested
  • Windscreen (Rail and Poly carbon)
  • Windscreen (Rail and Poly carbon – centre console)
  • Stainless Steel chairs with backrest or stool
  • VHF Radio and Antenna
  • Batteries (Maintenance Free)
  • Trailer: Galvanised, break-neck with marine axle
  • Oil filled trailer axles
  • Spare Wheel
  • Rod holders
  • Bow rail
  • Cubby cover/clear poly carb front console, centre console
  • Hydraulic steering
  • Flowcoat sides and non-slip deck
  • Flotex carpet /plain black carpet
  • Compass
  • Bollard
  • Handrails
  • Front Roller
  • Plastic scuppers
  • Battery Box
  • Fitment of motors and accessories 
  • Ally canopy
  • Trim and tilt levers
  • Luna-tubes
  • Fish finder and GPS box and tray