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Tomcat 1100 Series (30 - 36')

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Options: 2 x double cabins. Heads:shower & toilet, basin. Cockpit. Bench fridge-freezer (-30°). Galley. Utility basin. Helm station. Dual station option. Livewell hatches.

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L.O.A. 11m
Beam 3.660m
Draft +- 300mm
Displacement +- 4000kg
Propulsion Recommended: 2 x 200 hp outboard motors
Maximum: 2 x 300 hp outboard motors
Load Capacity 3000kg


  • GRP/Polypropylene Nidarcore + M/Ply Deck & Transom + Poly closed cell foam.
  • Hull & deck, Boweyes, Stern eyes, Fuel Hatches below deck.
  • Top deck / cabin.
  • Place for toilet & Shower. Hatches/benches, battery boxes, bunks, anchor hatches.
  • Windscreen (shatter proof glass), door + windows/toughened glass.
  • Port holes x 4.
  • Hydraulic steering system & connecting rods.
  • Fibreglass doors.
  • Flotex carpet in cockpit.
  • Antislip on fishing deck & flybridge.
  • Fresh water tank, pump & sink.
  • Toilet.

  • Windscreen wiper motor (marine).
  • S/Steel rail around gunwale & bow - 25mm.
  • Rear platform, rail and step.
  • Ladder to roof.
  • Keel strips.
  • Bow Roller.
  • Kleets.
  • Rail around roof top - 25mm.
  • Rail over motors.
  • Fit motors & accessories on this quote
  • Galvanised trailer with double axle, oil filled & disc brakes.
  • Dual station +- extra
  • T/top
  • Fridge
  • Freezer
  • Shower + basin/pump + sump.


Colin Van Rooyen's new 895 Wheel House Tomcat - Review

"We took Iskwelet nKulu out to sea today in a 25 knot NE with 1.7 meter swells which were very straight up and it was very impressive.
Running side on to the sea at trolling speed it was extremely stable and we could easily have fished, coming into the NE from south we were at 36km/h with no problems.
Even going out of the harbour I jumped a couple of waves and the boat came down softly, there is not thump but you realise how big the wave was when your knees want to fold.

The boat is still on run in mode, so is giving extra oil but get gets 74 km/hour with both motors full open and 49km/hour with 1 motor switched off and trimmed totally out of the water.
Motors are fitted with 17 pitch props, and when running with both motors at Marlin trolling speed of 14 km/h, revs are at 1490 rpm and Smart Craft fuel meter is saying each motors is using 6.25 litres of fuel per hour.
Running at just over 45km/h motors are burning 25 litres per hour each so on a normal days marlin fishing we should use 150 litres to 160 litres per day as follows:

  • 30 minutes to do the 22 km from harbour to Castle uses half a tank per motor
  • 8 hours of trolling at 14 km/h will use 50 litres per motor  
  • 30 minutes to do the 22 km from Castle back to uses half a tank per motor
At 3900 rpm we are running at just over 50 km/h and using 32 litres per hour."

This Wheel House version is a new design on the 1100 Series mould. Production Photos:

This 890 (8.9m) walk around consol was able to get up to 30khp with one 135 Honda and with both motors 63kph despite the hull being painted with anti foul paint. At sea trials off Durban before being shipped to the Seychelles we were able to do 55 kph into an 18 knot north Easter wind that had been blowing for the third day. the boat handled extremely well in all directions, into the swell, with the swell and across the swell. See Gallery page for more photos.
9m walk around cabin
9m walk around cabin
9m walk around cabin
9m walk around cabin
Outboard motors
Inboard Motors
9m walk around cabin -Official launch.
Side glance showing the two steering/control centres (cabin/top deck)
Closer view - top deck
Top Station
Bench fridge/-30° freezer 90lt / 90lt
1100 Wheelhouse

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